Cody Perrin is a Los Angeles based guitarist, singer, songwriter and musical director. After beginning to develop a network of producers and artists in Los Angeles, Cody attended the Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) from 2013-2014 where he majored in guitar performance. Since his attendance at music school, Cody has been a part of various national and international tours, songwriting/recording sessions with world famous producers/artists/composers and many live performances.


Cody was born and raised in southern California, where he began taking guitar lessons hat the age of 10. His experiences quickly led him to develop a strong background in pop, rock and blues music as he was given opportunities to sit in and play in front of live audiences. After being granted various scholarships to music school, Cody moved to Los Angeles to devote his career to music. While at school, Cody became practiced and learned in many genres and styles of music including jazz, r&b, funk, classical, blues, rock and pop. 


Cody's strong versatility to play many styles of music combined with his creative ability to develop catchy melodic parts has led him to play with a wide range of artists in many different genres. After graduating from school in 2014, Cody has been a part of a national tour with Columbia signed artist Danny Mercer (opening for the band Magic!), as well as an international tour with singer/songwriter Dominic Balli. His supporting stage presence and vocal abilities has allowed him to perform at artist showcases in front of major record companies such as Warner Bros, Columbia and Sony/Epic. While he has received a lot of work in live performance, Cody has also gained an impressive resume by doing studio sessions with people including grammy award winning producer Greg Collins (Tara Macri, Neon Trees, U2, Gwen Stefani, No Doubt), Matt Sorum (drummer for Guns N' Roses, the Cult, Velvet Revolver, producer and singer/songwriter), Marc Jordan (Ace is High, Velvet Revolver, Black December, Bleached) and Grant Fonda (composer for film, television and stage). For more information on Cody check out the rest of the site.