Hailee Steinfeld - Republic Records

Post Malone - Republic Records 

Rationale - Warner Brothers 

Leon Else - Interscope Records

Ginny Blackmore - Epic Records

Danny Mercer - Columbia Records

Matt Sorum - Producer/Drummer (Velvet Revolver, Guns N' Roses)

Ace Harper - Ace is High - Singer/Songwriter

Kady Z - Independent Artist

Tara Macri - Independent Artist

Tone Def - Producer

Greg Collins - Producer

Dominic Balli - Independent Artist

Grant Fonda - Producer

Stonechild - Independent Band


"Cody Perrin is a true professional. He always shows up on time, is well prepared and has a great attitude. He has such a solid technique and great ear for the perfect tone for any musical situation. I'd recommend him for any project."

- Jon Ketchum (Music Director for Cher Lloyd and Taio Cruz)



"Cody Perrin is the epitome of professionalism.  Not only is he a great player, he has some of the best gear/equipment I've ever heard.  Add that up with being an all around amazing human being and you have everything you need to succeed in the music business."

-Tone Def (Producer)


"As a solo artist who hires backing musicians, I'm always looking for three main things. One, someone who will play the album parts exactly like the album. Two, someone who has the ability to create great parts when I need something that's different than the album. And three, someone who has incredible character - someone I know will be punctual, diligent, kind, faithful, and humble. I can say without any hesitation whatsoever, that Cody passes all three with flying colors. I'd hire him again in a second. "

- Dominic Balli (Singer,Songwriter,Producer) 



"Cody is the consummate professional. He always has a positive attitude and makes any situation enjoyable. He is a talented writer and always comes up with great parts and melodies. I know Cody would be an asset in any musical venture." 

- Ace Harper (Ace is High,Singer,Songwriter) 



"There is not enough space to write about how amazing Cody is! I know this sounds cliché but Cody goes above and beyond in everything that he touches. He is truly a unique find."

- Tara Macri (Singer,Songwriter,Acress)